For presenters

This page includes information related to the full paper submissions and presentation material.

Full paper information

For the full paper, the length should be below 5000 words, not including references. Please use 12-pt Times New Roman, double-spaced throughout the document. Send the finished paper as a PDF to:

Papers will be available for all attendees before the event, and everyone is expected to familiarise themselves with the papers before the seminar.

Deadline for submissions is the 3rd of April 2017.

Presentation material information

If you wish to use technical aides while presenting your paper, we strongly recommend that you send the slides to the seminar team beforehand. This allows us to use one central computer for presenting, and makes the logistics of the seminar days much smoother. A clicker will be available for presentations.

If you strongly wish to present from your own computer, that is of course also possible.

Please send your presentations to the seminar team by Thursday the 20th of April at the latest, so that we have time to transfer all material to our presentation computer. Send presentations to:

Presentation checklist:

  • Send the full presentation file (PDF or PPTX both fine).
  • We recommend using a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • If using any non-standard fonts, please include them as .ttf files or similar.
  • If using videos / sound clips, please self-contain them in the presentation, or include them as separate files. If you plan to show content from YouTube etc. please mention that in the e-mail, and include links to said videos.
  • Send by 20th April at the latest.